Mission Statement

  1. To bring together people in the GTA with common interests/aspirations related to Living Buildings, Sites and Communities.
  2. To provide a forum for knowledge sharing related to Living Buildings.
  3. To spread awareness of and inspire people to take on the Living Building Challenge
  4. To create local conditions in the GTA that support the achievability of Living Buildings.
  5. To follow an organic, holistic, delightful, hopeful process in tune with the Living Buildings philosophy as we work together.

Additional notes:

  • We plan to meet in person on roughly a monthly basis (with breaks during the summer) at various rotating host locations.
  • Our facilitator is:  Ethan Griesbach
  • Our contact person is:  Ethan Griesbach
  • Decisions are made collaboratively, with a final decision facilitated by the facilitator when necessary.

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