Climate Change Consultation – August 4/ 2016, Burlington, ON

This Thursday, August 4th, one of our Collaborative members (Ethan Griesbach) will be presenting a Living Building Challenge at the Climate Change Consultation in Burlington.

The purpose of this consultation, organized by MP Karina Gould, is to get your input on how to address climate change and promote clean growth.

The organizers hope to have an open and engaged discussion on climate change (talking about Canada wide issues as well as local Burlington issues). The meeting will focus on two main objectives: to raise awareness on issues around climate change and to get feedback and ideas from people in the community on what the Government (and all Canadians) should be doing to solve this issue. MP Gould’s office then plans to pass this feedback to the Environment and Climate Change Ministry.

Come and join the discussion! Especially, if you are looking for the ways to get involved: there will be a table with brochures and information on volunteer and environmental initiatives in the community.

Who knows, maybe the next Ontario’s Living Building will be built in Burlington?

Date and Time: Thursday, August 4th, 2016, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Place: Mainway Recreation Centre (Auditorium) – 4015 Mainway, Burlington

Please RSVP to join ( Disregard the mentioned RSVP deadline, there are still seats available – just follow through steps! )


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