Toronto Collaborative at the EcoFair 2015


For the third year in a row, the Toronto Collaborative participated in the EcoFair at Wychwood Barns. The event took place on November 8th, from 12pm to 4pm at the beautiful community cultural hub – Artscape Wychwood Barns.

Sunny weather and warm informal ambience of the Barns created a perfect backdrop for this kind of event: you could feel the positive vibes of the lively conversations between people as soon as you would enter the long street-like hall. The fair in general filled Barn #2 represented by city departments such as Live Green Toronto and Cycle Toronto to local ecologically driven design firms and architects, to sustainable product vendors.

It was a busy afternoon for the Toronto Collaborative as well. Building tours led by our green building experts Charles Marshall, Mariko Uda and Eric Charron brought the public new insight into the ecological and environmental strategies built into the Wychwood Barns. The tours sparked active discussions and interest from those, which took part.

We also had a display table with information about the Challenge and Sustainable Architecture along with petal-shaped seed cards for sale. New members got introduced to the group and our email sign-up list gained more contacts as well: the LBC Toronto community is growing!

The plantable LBC seed cards is something new we came up with this year. Hand crafted from recycled paper with herb seeds embedded in them, they represent a sustainable concept of the Challenge – to create something new by saving and reusing what we have, with the final product that gives back to the environment and enhances the health and happiness of its users.

Plant them in soil (outdoors or indoors in a pot on your window-sill) and they will grow into little gardens of yummy herbs! They are also fun to use as Christmas gift tags: just write a name of a recipient on one and attach it to the gift.

The seed cards helped us to collect plenty of donations, which we plan to contribute towards our next event. Some of the seeds were generously donated by  Toronto Seed Library and others were purchased from Urban Harvest; both are the local providers of high quality Organic seeds.

Thank you everyone who stopped by and supported the Toronto Collaborative, either through donation or an inspiring conversation.

It was another great EcoFair and we hope to see you at the next one!


Here are some photos of the event:

IMG_3359Main entrance to Barn#2


IMG_3350-1Adding finishing touches to the display table. Our fall still life with a bouquet of leafy greens and vegetables, and a bright orange pumpkin (shown briefly on the left) earned many compliments to our table!


IMG_3348The LBC petal-shaped seed cards:

green – Kale & Parsley, pink – Basil & Dill


IMG_3352Mariko sharing with us some information about certified and registered LBC projects, located in Canada and worldwide (see the full international map here). Check out an article on the fascinating Endeavour House recently built in Peterborough, ON. It aims to get the LBC Full Living certification and, according to its builders, it ‘makes an income’!


IMG_3366Charles leading the first building tour. East side of the site, at the Stop Community Food Centre’s Green Barn.


IMG_3369West side of the site. Charles telling attendees about the geo-thermal field located under this park land; the Barns receive most of their heating and cooling from this geo-thermal system.


Green Neighbours 21, Transition Toronto and the Wychwood Barns Community Association did a great job organizing this year’s fair. They have kept their promise: the EcoFair 2015  was, indeed, larger than the previous one and gathered a more vibrant crowd of local groups, businesses and attendees.




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